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Benefit gig for #Tecoma8, Saturday, November 16 at 3pm

On Saturday, November 16 from 3pm MAC will be hosting a benefit gig and BBQ for the Tecoma 8 -- 8 people being dragged through the courts for daring to challenge McDonald's corporation in their attempts to colonise the Dandenong Ranges.

The gig will feature music from seven bands -- including Cabin Fever, Citywide Wildcat, Con-Troll, Flawless Boiz and Spew'N'Guts -- and a BBQ. Entry is $10 with all proceeds going to the campaign in defence of the Tecoma 8.

The MAC is located at 62 St Georges Road in Northcote.

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  1. I won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Is there another way to donate?

  2. A question for the anarchist theorists here: in an anarchist society, on what grounds and by what mechanism would McDonald’s be prevented from building in Tecoma?

    I would have thought that in a free society McDonald’s would be able to build there*, and people could buy their food, or not, as they chose.

    * with the usual caveats: that they weren’t materially harming their neighbors, and that the land was theirs to use.

  3. Briefly:

    In an anarchist society corporate structures such as McDonald’s would not exist.

  4. > In an anarchist society corporate structures such as McDonald’s would not exist.

    Okay, let’s back it up a level then. I’m trying to understand this as part of my gradual drift from libertarianism to anarchism …

    Why wouldn’t McDonald’s exist?

    Possibly (hopefully) not something exactly equivalent. But if I wanted to create a burger chain that sold cheap (in every sense) food in anarchist society (as you see it operating), what would prevent me?

    If I had money, and could pay people to build and run my stores without transgressing local laws, I’d assume there wouldn’t be a problem. Assuming that everyone involved was involved voluntarily, etc. etc.

    I can imagine that corporations wouldn’t exist; there would be a single human being, not a legal entity, in charge. Perhaps one could form a board which would be collective owners?

    (It’s possibly worth mentioning that the anarchist thinkers I’ve been studying have been of the Rothbardian style, so perhaps there’s a difference here that I’m not grasping.)

  5. Hi Duncan,

    McDonald’s would not exist for the same reason Microsoft and Monsanto would not exist: their basis in a system of private property would be abolished. Beyond this, the MAC’s aims and principles state:

    “The ideal economic system, one that is consistent with the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity, is anarchist or libertarian communism. Libertarian communism means the common ownership of the means of production and the free association of producers. The implementation of anarchism can only be through the free federation of productive and communal organizations.”

    Many if not most anarchist theorists maintain that money too would be abolished. (On Rothbard:


  6. Thanks for the clarification. I’m curious: how would your society deal with defaulters?

    E.g. to take a concrete example: imagine I had joined a voluntary, communal group of software developers (my current trade), and we developed an entirely new and much more powerful tool for development. Then, we refused to let share it with any *other* communal group, enjoying the benefits of the increased productivity ourselves.

    In your ideal society, what would be the response to that behaviour?

  7. *ping* moderator … it’s been weeks 🙂 Keen to know the answer to this question, as it’d essentially form the basis of whether or not I’d choose to support MAC.

    Basically, I’m skeptical of the idea of voluntary communism; I am entirely sympathetic with the idea of voluntary communes, but can’t see how you’d have an entirely communist society without the levels of bloodshed that’ve resulted in the past when it’s been tried.

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