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Invasion Day 1938: An Opera

Gold Coin Donation, 7pm, Thursday 26th January, MAC, 62 St Georges Road (20 minute show)

During the 1938 ‘sesquicentenary’ Australia Day celebrations, Aboriginal activists, Italian Anarchists and a Chinese Youth Theatre Group were protesting against fascism and racism at home and abroad. The opera will take place in an alternative history where these three protest groups unite to subvert a reenactment of Governor Phillip’s landing, expose the brutality behind the White Australia Policy and kidnap Robert Menzies, all while singing and dancing of course! Come along to this showing to get an Australia day taste of an opera in the making. 

Critical Acclaim: 
'That was worse than dying'- Falls Festival Audience Member

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Music Night @ MAC!

Next Friday (27/1) music nights are starting back up at MAC.

Each night will have a music theme (New Wave, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, etc) and are planned to be held on a semi-regular basis.

Next Friday's theme will be updated here pronto, be prepared: costumes appreciated.

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