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MAC presents: Two Minutes of Infamy!

Two Minutes of Infamy is a gathering of groups and individuals interested in building grassroots, anti-authoritarian networks.

Contact 2mins[at]anarchobase[dot]com for any additional information. Keep checking back to this website for updates.

Each person has two minutes to promote their project, share their ideas and resources. Get involved in something you feel passionate about in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity!

Past sessions of 2.M.I. included proposals for anti-war activities, announcements for workshops (e.g. a workshop on making your own website, homebrew, etc), an impromptu surrealist poetry reading (not that we encourage that kind of thing) and individuals looking to start a new group. Your group does not have to be high-concept or ultra-activist; we encourage things as simple as cooking lessons and smashing capitalism.

The session is facilitated by a couple of people (usually a timekeeper and someone experienced in getting a big meeting flowing fast) who will make introductions, lay down the ground rules and, if needed, enforce them. Groups are asked to nominate a delegate who takes a place in the circle (the rest of the group can sit behind the delegate and feed him/her information). The format is roughly like a spokescouncil, though with some modifications.

After everyone has had their two minutes of infamy, we break for beers and music, giving everyone a chance to hook up. In the past, as part of their two minutes, the infamous have nominated a spot in the room where people can meet for more information. Each group will also have a piece of paper on a notice board where people can leave their contact details.

The idea is for groups to share resources and for like-minded lovers of liberty to link up. It's not just about what you can give or take, but about fostering a sense of community and co-operation.

4PM, TRADES HALL BAR, Saturday 29 JULY 2006
cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.
To get to the bar, enter on the Victoria St side of Trades Hall, walk up the stairs. Then there's a little foyer bit, and take the bluestone stairs that are on the left. Or just follow the signs. Disabled access is horrible there, so if you require any assistance accessing the bar, please don't hesitate to drop us an email and we'll make all the arrangements for you. Auslan interpeters may also be provided if required.

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